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Hoodia Gordonii Plus Review

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Hoodia Gordanii Plus, a Supplement for Weight Loss Success.

Hoodia gordonii is one of the most interesting plants to come out of Southern Africa. This small plant is sometimes thought to be a cactus. It is not. It is a succulent that only grows in well in the arid landscapes of its native Southern Africa deserts. It is small, with no branches or leaves. Instead it has heavy spines and dull meaty-smelling flowers on thick stalks.

This otherwise unremarkable plant has a long history as a medicinal plant. The native people of the area discovered that the plant was useful to treat upset stomach and infection. The hunters of the local groups would often eat the bitter tasting plant before taking a long hunting trip. They said that it kept them satisfied and full feeling all day.

History and Research

The first Western research was done in 1937 by a Dutch anthropologist. They found the use of this plant to be quite common. By 1963 the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa were conducting studies with lab animals. They found the feeding hoodia to their animals made them loose weight. After years of study it was determined that the active ingredient in hoodia was a steroidal glycoside they named p57.

It was quickly patented and millions were spent trying to create it in a laboratory. After several years and millions of dollars spent it was announced that the p57 could not be easily synthesized. Today, the only reliable source of the active ingredient p57 is in certified wild-crafted or farmed Hoodia godanii plants.

Renewed Interest

The public became interested in this plant after 60 Minutes traveled to Africa to try it first hand. Correspondent Leslie Stahl hired a local who took her into the bush to wild-craft the plant. She reported feeling no hunger or thirst for a full day after eating some. She also said she suffered no heart palpitations or indigestion, two side effects common with hunger supplements.

Fake Products and the Real Deal

Soon a number of suppliers would fill the market with ‘hoodia’ products that contained little or no plant. They were ineffective at helping people lose weight. These fraudulent products flooding the market were quickly denounced by many.

Hoodia Gordanii Plus is the real deal. This product contains real hoodia. Their raw hoodia plants are imported straight from Southern Africa. Each shipment has been completely certified to ensure the purety of the product. This product has both the Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species certification (C.I.T.E.S) and the Protected Plant Permit from the South African government.

The first permit ensures that the imported plants are real and free of weeds and other things. The second permit is only given to a very few companies. It allows the export of hoodia plants from their native land. Together, they help ensure that only the best plants are used in this product.

A Complex Weight Loss Supplement

Hoodia Gordanii Plus has been carefully formulated to maximize the appetite suppressant effects of natural hoodia with a number of other extracts. Each capsule will contain the extract from 2,000 mg of raw Hoodia gordanii plant. This is the mainstay of the product. It acts to control the appetite. It will keep you feeling fuller and help with weight loss.

Other ingredients include green tea extract, magnesium and garcinia cambogia extract. Green tea is a well studied and proven dietary supplement. It boosts metabolism while providing a huge number of antioxidants. The green tea extracts protect the body from free radicals and possibly help fight cancer. Magnesium is a necessary nutrient for the human body. It helps form healthy bones and may combat stress. Garcina cambogia is another powerful diet aid. It has effects similar to ephedra. It provides energy, burns fat and also helps to suppress appetite.

Succeed at Losing the Weight You Want

This is a product that is formulated for weight loss success. Hoodia Gordanii Plus has helped many people to take the weight off and keep it off. Its ingredients work together to curb appetite and jump start the metabolism to maximize your ability to lose the weight. Use it as part of a weight loss program to help you say on your diet plan without feeling constantly hungry. The powerful hoodia and other ingredients will make it easy to succeed as they have for many others.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus Review
Hoodia Gordonii Plus


Hoodia Gordonii Plus Review
August 3, 2014
Hoodia Gordonii Plus is our number one choice.
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Hoodia Gordonii Plus is our number one choice.

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User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)
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